Magic Soup Reviews

“It’s such a lovely book to read during lockdown it transports you to a wonderful place – time out to just totally enjoy a magical story – your worries & anxiousness fly out the window with reading about a wizard and his little friend Squiggle Squirk and all about the friends of Daisy Cottage.

A sweet imaginative book that takes you on a journey of magic and love that bathes you in happiness and wanting more of Mike Taylor’s bedtime stories.
The younger kids could have a parent read a chapter a night or a little older read together as good bonding time. 💖💖💖”

More Magic Soup

MORE MAGIC SOUP is even more adventurous!
It all starts when Periwinkle gets into some trouble and it involves mischievous magic.

I also like that the bad magic isn’t that bad, it’s more like a mischievous and tricky magic.
There is a lot of funny stuff like exploding the milk jar, or going into the mousse and when Periwinkle eats it, she blows up like a balloon.
Luckily the wizard saves her, before it was too late.

This book is super funny, I absolutely loved it!

Bianca, aged 8


Magic Soup

These are some of the messages I found in Magic Soup:

Believe you can do it!
Have faith!

I loved when the wizard was leaving and he gave to everyone a magical gift.
The gifts were meaningful, filled with messages of love and friendship.

I really enjoyed Magic Soup and I hope you like it too.

Bianca, aged 8


“I love it. It’s a huge favourite for me. The story, the characters, it’s very funny, original and magical. One of my favourite parts is when Periwinkle gets shut in the letterbox and the others think the letterbox is talking. Also the invisibility magic is so funny with the banana.”

Tula, aged 10

“Magic Soup is really funny and the magic makes me laugh.”

Beatrix, aged 8

Magic Soup is a friendly tale full of laughter, curiosity and fun.  The lovable characters had my daughter laughing and the magic had her turning page after page.  Suitable as a bedtime story for younger readers, and later, for independent readers with easy conversational flow.  I will always treasure this book for the peals of laughter I heard as my daughter’s reading confidence exploded!

Jonathan, Beatrix’s Dad

Magic Soup is a beautifully sweet, funny tale of a day in the life of the house and its inhabitants. It’s not often a wizard visits and there’s a whole lot of fun magic happening! The characters experience magic in lovely, fun and innocent ways.”

Neal, Tula’s Dad